Sunday, April 19, 2009

Update on the whole horse debacle . . .

If you didn't read the previous post - this is just a follow-up.  

It was pretty anticlimactic.  

After many calls to Edna where she never answered, I loaded the kids into the car to drive over there with our gardening gloves and grubby jeans.  We knocked on her door to report for duty - still no answer.  I was beginning to worry about her.

We walked back to the barn and peaked into the stalls to see what was in store for us.

Those stalls were unbelievably, spotlessly clean.

So, we left, and I continued to call Edna until she finally returned my call.

This time it was a whole different story.  Her voice was bright and chipper, and she said she felt much better and had no problem now taking care of the horses.

So, it's the thought that counts, right?  I mean, I was willing to help her, and I didn't just hang up the phone originally, pretending that I didn't understand her, like my husband said to do.

So, God, do I still get all the points as if I had actually done the dirty deed of cleaning up behind the majestic creatures that are so much nicer when you don't have to clean up behind them?

I'm not sure though if I actually believe in domesticating animals like this.  Would I get more points for sneaking around at night and letting all the locked up horses run free?


Margo said...

I talked to Him and he said you're good. God doesn't keep score AND just wants you to be happy. In biblical times, horses were essentially seen as weapons and tools - it's probably a good thing you just left them where they were :)

The Mother said...

You absolutely, certainly get points. For worrying, for offering, and for showing up expecting to clean the stalls.

Not sure I'd give points for letting your friends' horses go, though.

Angella Lister said...

You definitely get points, and so do your kids for getting in the car with you knowing your mission! Glad you didn't actually have to clean the stalls, and isn't Edna something for figuring all that out herself? Um, also glad you didn't let the poor domesticated creatures go. That would probably have reduced the point total somewhat...

Staci said...

It kind of sounds like Edna slipped some happy pills into the horses' hay, and then ate some of the laced hay herself. It would explain why the barn was spotless.

At least you didn't have to scoop horse poop.

Marie said...

Points, points, you get mega-points. You didn't just think about doing it, you actually went there prepared to do it.

What a good friend! What a good person!

But note to Lila: Don't let the horses go, sweetie. Bad things happen to freed, confused horses. :(

lilaphase said...

@Margo - thank you for checking in on my behalf

@The Mother - I might get minus points for expecting points.

@Angella Lister - I'm glad I didn't have to clean the stalls, too!

@Staci - I would not be shocked to discover you are right!

@Marie - Yeah, I guess Lane would have been pretty upset to come home and have to go looking for her horses.